How to create a Mail Accounts in Plesk?

You can create and manage your mailboxes through the Plesk control panel to allow you and your customers to send/receive mail through your server.

Step (1)-From the Plesk control panel,  click on Domains under the Hosting Services  section of the left menu  bar.

Step (2)-Click on the domain you wish to add a mailbox to.

Step (3)-Click on the Email Addresses icon from the menu items.

Step (4)-To create a new mailbox click on the Create Email Address icon.

Step (5)-You will be prompted to enter the following information:

  • Email address: Enter the name of the mailbox you want to create.
  • Mailbox:  Make sure this option is selected.
  • Password:  Enter a password for the mailbox.
  • Confirm password: Retype the password you have chosen.

Once you have filled out the details click OK.

Step (6)-Your new mailbox  will be created and you will receive an on-screen confirmation message.

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