Enable Web SSH in Plesk

How to enable website ssh in Plesk panel Login Into plesk Show the option left side domain click on the domain  select domain  go on domain Dashboard   select the Hosting & DNS   Inside of Hosing & DNS show on more option  Web Hosting Access click on Web hosting  access […]

Composer with a custom PHP version installed on Plesk

How to use correctly composer with a custom PHP version installed on Plesk With a Plesk based server, the default installation of composer will use the System installed PHP version, not any of the installed by Plesk. Although Composer requires at least PHP 5.3.2+, the problem comes out when you try […]

How to check PHP Version In plesk

How to configure a specific command line PHP version for an SSH user on a Plesk for Linux server? Alternatively, it’s possible to install other PHP versions from Plesk and to execute those on the command line it’s required to call the full binary path. It call a specific path […]

Acronis cloud backup in cPanel

How To Setup Acronis cloud Backup in cPanel server The Acronis backup plugin for WHM/cPanel helps in the cloud and local backup for cPanel web hosting servers, self-service recovery of cPanel accounts, files, databases, and mailboxes.Using the Acronis plugin we can take full, image-based backups to the Acronis Cloud can protect an entire server. […]

Acronis cloud backup in plesk

How To Setup Acronis cloud Backup in plesk server Whether you run applications or websites backups can make the difference between a big disaster and a minor inconvenience. Every day a large amount of data is produced, Data loss is, therefore the biggest risks for companies that depend on their […]

Adding static entry for hosts file

How to add a static entry in hosts file  A static entry is use for the check local Modifying your hosts file enables you to override the domain name system (DNS) for a domain on a specific machine. when you want to test your site without the test link prior to […]

CloudFlare Account creation

Cloud Flare Account creation & Manage Website  Step 1: Open browser  and type www.cloudflare.com on the top URL click Sign Up  Step 2: Then enter the email id and  password click the create account Step 3: Enter the website name click add site   step 4: Select the plane any […]

How to configure linux service

Linux Service configuration The service configuration is how to start, stop, restart, enable and disable the Linux service. In Linux basic, this service use after the installation or some stops the service under the run software. 1. Configuration services  In Linux systemctl command is used for the start the services […]

Linux User and Group Permission

In linux assigned permission for user and  file both using permission assigned for user which permission for user if we assigned read permission on file other user can only read then same as write or execute also. File ownership is an important component of linux that provides a secure method […]

How to install Package in linux

Software installation in linux  Installing, patching, and removing software packages on Linux machines is one of the common tasks every sysadmin has to do. In linux use software installation have two method  GUI or command line but in linux software installation use in command only is called as package manager. […]