How to redirect your domain in cPanel ?

The redirect interface allows you to send all the visitors or traffic of a Domain or a particular webpage to a new domain. For example, if you moved your website to a new domain and you want to redirect all your visitors to new website, you need to setup redirect. […]

Site visit statistics on plesk

Site Visit Statistics To enable web statistics or change the web statistics application, go to Websites & Domains > Hosting Settings and at the Web Statistics menu select the web statistics software that you want to use for viewing graphical reports and charts on website visitors. To view the web statistics, go to Websites & Domains > Web Statistics. Disk and […]

How to deploy website on Plesk ?

Uploading Content Using FTP To connect to the server using FTP, you need the following information: FTP server address.The FTP address is your domain name, that is, your site’s Internet address. FTP username.It is identical to your system user name. To find what your system user name is, go to Websites […]

How to deploy website on cPanel ?

Log in to your cPanel account  2.In the files section click on the file manager icon select the web root (public_html/www)option and press the Go button. 4. You will now see the File Manager screen. on the upload icon. the browse to select the file you wish to […]

How to add a scheduled task in Plesk

If you need to run scripts on your hosting account at a specific time, use the task scheduler in Plesk to make the system automatically run the scripts for you. To see all scheduled tasks created for a subscription, go to Websites & Domains > Scheduled Tasks. To create a […]

How to Create Custom Error Pages in cPanel

Step 1. Locate and Enter the Error Pages The Error Pages tool is located under the Advanced section. Find and open it. Step 2. Select an Error Page for Editing Once it is opened, you can do the following: Managing — here you can select the domain that will use the error page Error Code […]

How to deploy Website on Cantech Cloud

1. sign up in cantech cloud 2.add fund :- go to instant pay and add fund as per your requirement 3.login with your user id and password given by the service provider in your e-mail 4.go to new environment in the desktop. 5. Setting Up Environment  1.chose the language […]

Why Is My SSL Only 1 Year?

SSL Certificates Restricted to 1 Year On September 1, 2020, the industry stopped issuing 2-year public SSL/TLS certificates. The new maximum validity for public DV, OV, and EV SSL/TLS certificates is 398 days (approximately 13 months). All Certificate Authorities must comply with this new limit and are not any longer offering certificates for quite 1 year. Why am […]

How To Install Plesk Control Panel On Ubuntu

Plesk may be a web hosting Control panel, it’s designed to handle the website, mailbox and ftp user, database and web application etc. Plesk easily convert Linux system during a fully-featured web hosting machine, it doesn’t require any special knowledge to use it. Plesk provide GUI because the frontend and work on the command as backend. Let’s learn how to install Plesk control Panel on Ubuntu 20.04. Prerequisites  […]