Securing Plesk by Changing the Default URL

1. Custom Domain: Obtain a custom domain name (e.g., and set it up to point to your Plesk control panel. You can then share this custom domain with your clients instead of the default URL. 2. Also when you are creating account your client the using his domain and […]

How to import full backup from cPanel to Webuzo

Webuzo is a popular control panel that is often used as an alternative to cPanel. If you are currently using cPanel and you want to switch to Webuzo, you will need to import your cPanel backup into Webuzo. This process is relatively simple and can be completed in a few […]

How to enable sa user in SQL server

Steps To Enable “sa” User In SQL Server Step 1 Connect to the SQL Server instance using SQL Server Management Studio(SSMS) and go to Security and expand Security. Step 2 Expand Logins and you’ll see the sa account is disabled. Step 3 Right-click on the sa account and select to Properties. […]

How to install a PHP version in WHM

Connect to WHM. Go to the EasyApache 4 page To Add or Remove the currently installed packages, click the Customize button. Click  on PHP Versions. Click the switch symbol that is located to the far right of the version to indicate that the version should be installed. When asked, click […]

How to install Free SSL on Linux

Let’s Encrypt provides free SSL certificates for your websites to use secure connections. Certbot is free open source software that allows you to easily create Let’s Encrypt SSL on your unmanaged Linux server. Log into SSH as root to begin. Install Certbot in Ubuntu with snapd Our Dedicated Server Hosting […]

How to install IIS manager on windows server 2019

To install IIS manager on Windows server 2019 , you can use following steps: Open Server Manager. Click on “Manage” and then “Add Roles and Features.” In the Add Roles and Features Wizard, click on “Next” until you reach the “Server Roles” tab. Select the “Web Server (IIS)” role and […]

How to deploy .NET Core application on windows VPS offers a variety of Windows VPSs that are perfect for hosting .NET Core applications. To deploy your application, you will need to follow these steps: Order a new Windows VPS from Log in to your VPS and install the .NET Core Hosting Bundle and SDK. Create a new […]

Troubleshooting: installation of Kubernetes cluster

Kubernetes Cluster: Troubleshooting The Kubernetes Cluster package is an extremely complicated product, which includes multiple steps required to set up the solution. Herewith, each action can fail due to various reasons, which should be analyzed to prevent problem occurrence in the future. Below, we’ll overview the main troubleshooting steps during […]

Kubernetes Cluster Access

After the successful installation of a cluster, there are multiple ways to access it to start management: Kubernetes Dashboard kubectl client Kubernetes Dashboard 1. The after installation pop-up provides all the necessary data to connect to the Kubernetes Dashboard – link and access token. The same information is also provided […]