Acronis Installing Agents in Linux

How to install an Acronis agent on the Linux server.

1. Download the Acronis agent using the below command in linux  Centos.

# wget -O /tmp/Backup_Agent_for_Linux_x86_64.bin ""

Then after Assign the permission

# chmod 700 /tmp/Backup_Agent_for_Linux_x86_64.bin

Run the bin file for installation

sudo /tmp/Backup_Agent_for_Linux_x86_64.bin

This will start the installer. At the first screen titled “Component Selection” leave the default option “Acronis Backup Agent for Linux” selected and click on “Next”:

Acronis Backup Cloud Agent - 01

Click Next

Acronis Backup Cloud Agent - 02

At the next screen, you will see an URL and a registration code.

Acronis Backup Cloud Agent - 03

You need to go to the URL mentioned: login using id and password then click to add device fill in the registration code and click on “CHECK CODE”:


At the next screen click on “CONFIRM REGISTRATION”:

After complete registration

Acronis Backup Cloud Agent - 07

Your devices show in acronis dashboard



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