How to Create Database in Plesk ?

Databases are relational structures used for storing data. Databases are indispensable in modern web hosting, and most of the popular CMS requires a database to operate. Plesk supports MySQL and MSSQL database servers and enables you to add, remove and access databases, as well as manage database users.

To create a database and a database user in Plesk:

  1. Login To Plesk control panel.
  2. Go to the Databases.

  3. Next page click Add Database

  4. Assign a name to your database within the Database name field and select the database server Mysql or MSSQL from the drop-down menu.

A database must have at least one user account associated with it. Otherwise, it will be impossible to access the database. You can create a database user while creating a database by selecting the Create a database user check box. Alternatively, you can select a user later, for example, if you want to use one of the existing user accounts.

  1. Select Create a database user. if you want to create a new user for this database and enter a username and password for it. Otherwise, deselect the option.
  2. Assign a username to your database within the Database username field.
  3. Assign a password to your database user within the New Password field.
  4. To use the database user for accessing any of your databases, select User has access to all databases within the selected subscription.
  5. Click Ok
  6. Now your database will now be set up and ready to use.

If you want to upload a database from your local machine to server using Plesk. Please click here.

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