How to add a CAA record on Gandi

Step-by-step instructions on adding a CAA record on Gandi

As of the Fall of 2017, Certificate Authorities are required to check DNS CAA records before issuing SSL certificates. A CAA record gives a website the ability to dictate which CAs can and can’t issue for them. This is an invaluable tool against mis-issuance. Though it’s not required for end users we highly recommend that you set one up.

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to add a CAA record on Gandi

How to add a CAA record on Gandi

  1. Go to the File Zone File Edition page

  2. Select a new version, then on the right click “Expert Mode

  3. Enter the text for your DNS CAA record

  4. Save your version in the zone

  5. Remember to activate it

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