How to subscribe and user accounts in Plesk?

Before  you can add any service to your server,  you need  to create a Customer, Subscription or Webspace that will be able to use these services.

Subscriptions and Webspaces

In Plesk Onyx Subscriptions and Webspaces  are essentially the same as they both assign space  that hosts either single or multiple domains.  The main difference  is that you can only assign Customers or Resellers to a Subscription whereas Webspaces only have their own unique  user. This is because  Service  Provider  View is aimed  at hosting companies to help manage individual customers. As such a Webspace can only be assigned when using Power User View and a Subscription can only be created in Services Provider View.

  Important: Each domain will need its own Webspace  or Subscription if you intend to assign  SSL  to a domain  or have  separate  mail or scripting settings.

Server administrator

The server  administrator  has full access to all features of the Plesk control panel. This includes the ability to create all other user accounts as well as the ability to manage server wide settings.

Reseller accounts

Reseller accounts are designed for your customers to sell your hosting services to their own clients. Resellers can create client accounts  for their own customers,  as well as creating hosting and email services, but they cannot create other reseller accounts.

Customer accounts

Client accounts provide end-user access to create individual  hosting and email services. Clients cannot resell any hosting services.

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