How to Restore backup in Plesk?

Step (1)-In your Plesk control panel, select Tools  & Settings  from the Server Management section.

Step (2)-From the Tools & Resources  section, select Backup  Manager.

Step (3)-Click on the name of the backup you want to restore from the list.

Step (4)-Select what level of restore you want to perform.

  • Selected objects Allows you to select which domains and components to restore.
  • All objects (entire system) Restores the entire server.

In this example Selected objects has been chosen.

Step (5)-If you have chosen the Selected Objects option, choose which objects you want to restore from the Type  of object to restore drop down menu.

Step (6)-If you want to be notified when the restoration  is complete,  tick the box enter an email address in the When the restoration  task is completed,  send  a notification email to box.Click Restore  to being the restoration.

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