How to Using the backup manage in Plesk?

Using the Plesk backup manager

The Plesk backup  manager  allows you to backup  and restore all content handled by your Plesk control panel.

Creating a backup

Step (1)-In your Plesk control panel, select Tools  & Settings  from the ServerManagement section.

Step (2)-From the Tools & Resources  section, select Backup  Manager.

Step (3)-If you wish to back up to an FTP  repository  click FTP Storage Settings to enter the connection details.
In this example  backups  will be stored in the server repository

  • Server Repository – This will back up to the server  that Plesk is currently running  on.
  • Personal FTP Repository – This option will store the backup into any FTP space you have the credentials for.

Step (4)-Select the Back Up icon.

Step (5)-In the Backup content section, select the content you want to backup  and the type of backup to be run. If you have configured FTP storage settings, you can choose  to back up to a location off the server.

Step (6)-Under Backup settings you can enter a comment to help identify the backup and select further options on what is included in the backup. You can set a notification to be sent to an email address once the backup is complete and suspend the domain so no changes can be made until the backup has been completed.

Click OK to run the backup task.

Step (7)-Once the backup  is complete  it will appear  in the list under the Server  Repository  tab of the Backup Manager.

To save the backup  file to your local machine,  click on the arrow icon next the backup job you wish to take a copy of.


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