How to Install WordPress Using Plesk ?

You can use Plesk to easily install applications such as WordPress,  Joomla and Drupal to your domains.  This example  will show you how to install WordPress.

Step (1)-In the Plesk control panel, select Domains  from the Hosting Services  section within the left menu  bar.

Step (2)-Click on the domain you wish to install an application on.

Step (3)-Click the Install Apps  button under the Applications heading.

Step (4)-Search for the application you want to install in the Application search box.

Step (5)-Click the Install drop-down next to the application you want to install and select Install(Custom).

Step (6)-Your application  will now be downloaded.

Step (7)-Tick the box to accept the license terms after reading them and then click the Next  button.

Step (8)-Enter a directory to install the application  to or leave it blank to install the application to the root directory. You can set the application  to automatically  update.

Step (9)-If you want to create a separate admin user for WordPress  select Use administrative credentials not connected  to any particular  user  and fill out the below details:

  • Administrative username – Enter a username.
  • Administrative password – Enter a password.
  • Confirm password – Re-enter the chosen password.

Otherwise if you want to specify an existing Plesk  contact to be the admin user select Grant administrative  access to existing user and select the user from the drop down menu.

Step (10)-Under the Main Configuration settings, enter the following details:

  • Administrator’s email – Enter the email address of the administrator.
  • Site name – Enter a name for the site.
  • Interface language – Select a language for the application.
  • Database name – Enter the name of the database.
  • Prefix of tables – Enter a prefix to append  to the begging of the database tables (optional).
  • Database user name – Enter the database user name.
  • Database user password – Enter the database password for the above user.
  • Confirm password – Re-enter the above password.

Once all the details have been entered click the Install button at the bottom of the page.

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