How to Change login password in Plesk?

It is a good  idea to change  the password  you use to login to your dedicated  server’s  Plesk control panel regularly to help keep your server secure.

Step (1)-Log in to your Plesk control panel as the “Admin” user.

Step (2)-

  • If you want to change the password for the Plesk administrator click Change  Password  from the My Profile section.
  • If you are changing the password for a customer’s login to the Plesk control panel click on Customers  or Resellers from the Hosting Services section.

Step (3)-Click on the name  of the user that you wish to change the password for.

Step (4)-Click Change  Login  Info in the right hand side menu.

Step (5)-Edit the username, or enter and confirm a new password in the text boxes provided, then click OK.

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