Why Keep Email and Web Hosting Separate?

This Article post is all about why you should keep email and web hosting separate. Also, why emails are still an important communication medium for businesses. Having an email account with the domain name seems exciting and every business must have a business email. Having a business mail grabs more trust from a client than having any personal email like Gmail, Rediff mail , Yahoo, etc.

let’s first see why email is important for both business and personal use.

Why Email is Important for Personal and Business Usage?

Even while the advancement of messaging channels, email is still considered a successful method of reaching people. In spite of all the instant platforms available in the market, email is more direct as it is universal. According to Statista, there are 4 billion email users all over the earth, almost the same as the total combined users of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and Snapchat. It is said that in the future the numbers will rise even more and with a penetration rate of about 90%, email is going to stick around for a long time.

Why You Should Keep Email and Hosting Separate?

because of the we Keeping your email and hosting separate will help fight against:

  • Fight against spam: Usually the web hosts offer terrible spam filters that risks in filling up your inbox with spam mails. Go for an ideal business email provider to avoid getting spammed.
  • Deliverability: Emails sent from WordPress site are generally shown in spam folder.
  • Storage: Email and the attachments in it can use up the space which can be used for your website.
  • Reliability: In case if the server goes down, you can’t access email as well as website.
  • Migration: Website migration is easy however email migration is complex. Having separate hosts will help you slightly in migration.

Here are some of the email hosts that you can trust:

Google Workspace is ideal for businesses and bloggers who are looking for domain emails. The company being huge itself, there is no surprise that this email host offers one of the best spam filtering and email deliverability.
Microsoft 365 is yet another email host which you can blindly trust upon. Microsoft 365 is cheaper than Google Workspace. On the plus side, it offers you the web versions of PowerPoint, Excel and Word.
Zoho Mail is an excellent choice for businesses that require tailor made communication needs.


Businesses do require an email for carrying out important communication with their clients. This means that email plays a major role in communication among team members, clients, and vendors. If your business depends heavily on emails, then you should go for reliable business email hosting.


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