How to Resolve The Error cPanel Temporary URL Not Working

  • Log into WHM.
  • Search “Easy Apache4” option from the Search tools”.

  • From “Currently Installed Packages”, click on the “Customize” option.

  • Select “Apache Modules”, search for the “mod_riud2” and disabled it.

  • Search for the “mod_suphp”, swipe the toggle” and Install it.

  • Click on the “Next” button.

  • Verify the Review” section’s installation package list.
  • Click on the Provision” button.
  • You will see that your Provision has been completed”, and then click on the Done” button.
  • Find out Apache mod_userdir Tweak” from the Search tool”.

  • Untick the option Enable mod_userdir Protection and check the option DefaultHost (nobody) from the Exclude Protection section.

  • Click on Save.
  • Upload the data and try accessing the temporary URL.





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