How to deploy Website on Cantech Cloud

1. sign up in cantech cloud

2.add fund :- go to instant pay and add fund as per your requirement

3.login with your user id and password given by the service provider in your e-mail

4.go to new environment in the desktop.

5. Setting Up Environment
 1.chose the language in which you wish to upload website
 2.chose database
 3. set the reserved cloudlets and dynamic cloudlets as per your requirement

6. In a few minutes, your new environment will appear on the dashboard.

7. go to Deploymentsclick on browse buttonselect the file or folder of your website code

 if you want to upload zip file click on import label on the desktop.
 There is no need to unzip manually.

8.The user name and password is send to your e-mail of Admin
9. Check your uses and used funds from clicking on golden bag button right side on the screen.

Add Private SSH Key to Platform Account

Go to Setting on the top of the dashboard

Within the opened User Settings tab, switch to the SSH Keys > Private Keys option and click on the Add Private Key button.

Copy your private SSH key and paste it into the Key text field. Then type a Name for this key (e.g. git-key) and finish the addition with the Add button.

How to Bind Domain to Environment?

1. Within the platform dashboard, click the Settings button (the wrench icon) for the environment you need to bind a domain name.

2. select Custom Domains menu tab, use the Domain Binding section to specify your domain name (e.g. or and Bind it with the corresponding button.

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