How to Create Custom Error Pages in cPanel ?

Step 1. Locate and Enter the Error Pages

The Error Pages tool is located under the Advanced section. Find and open it.

Step 2. Select an Error Page for Editing

Once it is opened, you can do the following:

  • Managing — here you can select the domain that will use the error page
  • Error Code List — you need to select the proper error page to make. By default, cPanel only shows the five most common error pages. If you want to see the remaining list, click the Show All HTTP Error Status Codes tab

Step 3. Edit the Error Page

Once you choose which code to work with, you’ll be directed to the editing screen. Here you can use HTML code and insert some tags.

  • Referring URL — shows the URL that visitors come from
  • Visitor’s IP Address — shows the visitors’ IP
  • Requested URL — shows the URL that visitors are trying to access
  • Server Name — shows the server name
  • Visitor’s Browser — shows the browser type the visitor uses
  • Redirect Status Code — shows the error code

Once you’re satisfied with the result, click Save.

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